If you have a history of compulsive gambling, my personal advice is to seek helps and isolate yourself from visiting the betting site. However, 해외축구중계 if you are still hard core about betting, here are some of the measures that you should consider:

1.) Each time when you make a deposit to the betting exchange of bookmakers, always check to ensure that you are not depositing more than the limit hat you cannot afford to lose.

2.) Most of the reputable betting exchange sites  allow you to decrease the daily limit of your deposit with immediate effect, however, if you would like to increase your daily limit, it normally take about seven days to get thing approve.

3.) Set loss limit to the amounts that you afford to lose. Normally it runs from the time you set. For example, if you set the loss limits of $1000 per month, your losses will be tracked from the time you register, so that it would prevent you from heavy loss during that period. However, the loss limits will be reset for the following month

4.) If you heavily loss in the betting exchange or bookmakers, you should seriously consider to self exclude to  gain access to the sites. Self exclusion means your betting account will remain closed for a minimum period of half a year or one year. By doing so, you are not able to place bet, and any reactivation need to be in the form of writing.

5.) You can also chose the option to close the account, so that you are not be able to access to the betting markets

If the above methods do not work for you, you could seek professional assistance. One of the most popular one is the game care organization which provide online support, forum, chatroom, phone support and counseling support.

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